Superior Systems

investcore xtremeIf you are working In your Business You are Missing the Reason you became a Business Owner!

Using our Mapping Technologies we open up the complete systems we use to grow our own businesses and complete our transactions. We’ve cracked open complex strategies. And we’re allowing you the details that others aren’t willing to share to point you in the right direction from step 1.

When you combine this detailed direction with our InvestCore software package your business is accessible from where ever you and the internet meet. So your system is available where ever you can log in.



Buyer, Seller and Team Management

So what’s included in InvestCore.  It may be easier to tell you what isn’t but that’s probably not what you’re looking for so here it is. InvestCore Software is the premier software used by top Real Estate investors to manage Buyers, Sellers, and Team.

InvestCore Real Estate Business Management software tracks the progress of clients, buyers, and sellers to ensure you move through transactions smoothly.

You can quickly capture notes, create tasks or add your next meeting with a seller to your calendar.

You need to stay in touch with your contacts, so we’ve got you covered, our email client management system combines built in optimized auto-responders to convert prospects to buyers and sellers, as well as customizable features so you can make it all your own.

What about collaboration. What if everyone on the team knew exactly where to find the latest progress on the file. That is where our software shines, team members can log in and see to the minute updates, or if you are a lone ranger, don’t share any details with anyone either way you choose. Now you can stop returning all those phone calls just to let the agent know the bank still hasn’t got the results back from the appraisal. They can just login and…”bam”, they are updated.


Automation Done For You

The Xtreme Package of our software includes websites built for you and automated to convert traffic into your prospects, so you can convert them into money.

So you’re not a great email writer, no problem, you can just use our pre-formatted emails to capture your buyers attention. Switch some words around to make it your own and you’ve got a fully functional “You” converting people to work with “You” without using any of your own time.

Now that you have more business than you can handle, you not going to be able to waste your time shuffling papers. Once again, we’ve built in the solution. Auto-Populating, Texas specific documents makes paperwork a blast, if that’s your thing.